YUMI Lashes Biotin Serum Clear Mascara


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YUMI™ Lash and Brow Biotin Serum Clear Mascara

YUMI™  – The Clear Serum Mascara has a natural Biotin formulation that safely and gently stimulates the growth and nourishment of the lashes. This serum is fantastic for clients who have recently had extensions, lash lifts or brow lamination and the lashes appear to be damaged or sparse. It also keeps lashes extremely hydrated and deeply nourished post treatment of lash lifts and brow lamination. Gives lashes and brows a lovely wet, darker and groomed look.

After about 15 days of use, clients will notice improvement in the overall health of the lashes.

Contains GHK tripeptide, naturally present in the human body that promotes healing and reconstruction of eyelashes.

USE: It can be applied twice a day on clean lashes in the evening. Used as a primer and lash/brow moisturiser.

Gel based, oil free, scent free, non-sticky. Gentle on eyes.

Made in France.

9.2ml each