Medical Grade 3 ply Disposable Face Masks PM0.1 (50pcs/Box)

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Medical Grade 3 Ply Disposable Face Mask PM0.1 (50pcs / Box)
3 layers of multi-layer protection design with PM0.1 (PM = Particulate Matter. The lower the PM the better the filtering). It has efficient filtering effect, breathable and easy to wear regularly. Anti-moisture layer prevent germs, mist, dust and odour. Hidden nose strips, inset with bendable metal nose strips freely adjust shape according to face shape, increase facial fit, adjustable according to nose height. Masks come with elastic bands that fit around most ears. Great for people with cold, flu and allergies. Soft fiber layer, absorbs sweat and is comfortable to wear.

Suitable for daily use and as required.

Specification: 17*9.5cm

Certified Manufacturer. FDA approved.

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