OXIRA Nocturne UVC Germicidal Air Neutraliser


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OXIRA NOCTURNE – Naturally Neutralising Airborne Germs

Made in Australia, OXIRA is designed to provide effective germicidal air disinfection that can safely be used in any occupied space using low-flow air circulation to disinfect air without exposure to harmful UV rays. UV light is nature’s way of cleaning out the air. OXIRA NOCTURNE air neutraliser produces Ultraviolet light (UVC) at 254nm effectively lowering the airborne germ count and reducing the chance of transmission of germs between people whilst indoors. This mimics the germicidal effects of sunshine. OXIRA has packaged this natural process for you to safely lower the germ count in your space. It is professional built for medical, commercial and hospitality areas. Invaluable protection for customers, staff and family assisting in lowering airborne germ count.

Includes a special reflector coating around the UVC lamp to amplify UV intensity.

Unique Features:

  • User Friendly – Just plug it in!
  • Effective in Reducing Airborne Germs
  • Compact & Sleek- sure to fit any space and style
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Economical – low energy consumption
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Can be placed on any stable surface / with table stand / mounted on wall / ceiling

Used in facilities large & small around the world, OXIRA has been a trusted air purifying device for more than 10 years.

CE, UKCA, FFCC certified to international standards OXIRA is here to improve your air quality.

Suitable for general private indoor areas such as hospital wards, clinics, private offices, salons, spas, gyms, shops, restaurants and homes.

Specifications: 254nm UVC germicidal wavelength, approx. coverage area 50m2, 0.6g, 360mm (L) x (46mm) x 41mm (H), operating life over 15,000 hours, fan 12dBa, highest purity quartz.

Refer to FAQ for more information.

100% Designed & Manufactured In Australia.