Classic Eyelash Extensions

Long, thick, glossy lashes are one of the quickest ways to look and feel more beautiful.

Eyelash Extensions enhance your natural beauty and heightens your confidence. Now you can have long, thick, polished lashes that look just like the real thing. With Eyelash Extensions, you can say farewell to time consuming eyelash curlers and even mascara. Your eyes will be beautiful from the moment you open them with glossy, luscious lashes that look as natural and as gorgeous as they feel.

Posh Lashes uses Eyelash Extensions that are lightweight and natural looking which will not cause damage to our natural lashes. We do this by using premium quality lash extensions and adhesive (that’s even suitable for sensitive clients), that maximises retention yet gentle on your lashes.

At Posh Lashes, our initial consultation is very thorough and that involves an assessment of the shape of your eyes, bone structure, the direction of your natural eyelashes and the health and density of your natural lashes. With this, we discuss your desired outcome and together design a customised set to suit your individual style and expectations.

– Clients with hypersensitive skin will need a patch test 24 hours before treatment.
For more information please read our FAQ or speak to our professional therapists.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Go fuller, darker and sexier with our handmade Volume Lash Extensions!

Volume Lashes are the latest trend to take the eyelash extension industry by storm. The technique originates from Russia, where a bouquet of lashes, fanning out two or more single lashes and placing them on to one natural lash to create the fullest-looking lashes possible.

At Posh Lashes, every Volume Lash sets are made on demand where each volume lash fan are handmade (not pre-fanned / clusters) by our certified Volume Lash Stylist with precision and applied to each lash with accuracy. We use fine, lightweight and soft mink eyelash extensions that will not damage your natural lashes – giving you a softer, fluffier and multi-dimensional finish with a defined lash line. The small amount of weight along with proper care, may result in longer in-between infills. We cater to your needs and can individually style to create a natural fuller look or a more dramatic set.

The most obvious benefit of this particular volume technique is that it makes it possible to give a volume-full set of lashes to clients who have the sparsest original eyelashes – Not to mention, even more volumising and denser sets for those with more natural lashes.

It is crucial to ensure that you only use the services of qualified and experienced stylists when having Volume lashes applied. When applied incorrectly, these lashes can damage your natural lashes severely.

-Clients with hypersensitive skin will need a patch test 24 hours before treatment.
For more information please read our FAQ or speak to our professional therapists.

Keratin Lash Lift

Luxurious lifted lashes that last from 6-8 weeks without extensions or mascara.
They're Yours, Only Better!

A hot international beauty trend launched in Australia, a Keratin Lash Lift is perfect for lifting and curling your lashes without mascara, eyelash curlers or extensions!

This treatment works fabulously on your natural lashes without interfering with your normal lash growth cycle. A Keratin Lash Lift gives your natural lashes an instant ‘root lift’ and sets them in place for 6-8 weeks. Works well with medium to long lashes, regardless of your eye-shape, and you can wake up everyday with lashes that pop! It’s hugely popular with clients who wants to save time or don’t like the high-maintenance factor of lash extensions but who still want lashes that look amazingly longer and have strong curvature. Best in combination with a Lash Tint for darker and more defined lashes. You can then be perfect for holidays and everyday!.

Benefits of Lash Lifting:
– Add an attractive curl and definition to straight lashes
– Give an illusion of longer and fuller looking lashes
– Save time and effort in your daily make-up routine
– Be perfect for holidays and everyday
– Visually ‘open’ the eyes for a youthful and fresher look
– Draw attention away from fine lines
– Stop lashes pressing against the backs of glasses
– Enhance natural lashes with zero maintenance

-This treatment is not suitable for clients with extremely short or sparse natural eyelashes.
-Clients with hypersensitive skin will need a patch test 24 hours before treatment.
For more information please read our FAQ or speak to our professional therapists.

Eyelash & Brow Tinting

Eyelash tinting is recommended in conjunction with extensions & lash lift treatment. Lower lash tinting will be included as part of the lash lift treatment. Lash and brow tinting will offer colour and depth to your natural brow and lashes.

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