FAQ on Brow Lamination

It’s the latest and most exciting treatment to hit the beauty industry, providing a painless solution for eyebrows that don’t have symmetry or where the hairs follow a different pattern. A brow lamination involves straightening the brow hairs using a special formulated type of keratin solution made for brows to create a thicker, brushed and feathery effect.

They’re absolutely worth the investment and provide great results with longer lasting effect.

The treatment works in two parts:
1) A ‘brow lift cream’ (the keratin) is applied first, to soften the hair, allowing your technician to “manipulate them into the new direction of hair growth.”
2) This is then followed with a ‘nourishing neutralising cream’ to “reconstitute the hair structure” and set your newly moulded brows in place.
The entire treatment takes less than an hour and is completed in a single appointment.
  • To start the treatment, clients lay in a comfortable lash bed, with their eyes closed. We then prepare the brows by cleansing them properly so we can accurately assess the natural brow and discuss with the client what shape and look they want to achieve.
  • It is recommended to grow out your brows for at least three weeks before your appointment in order for the technician to achieve the best possible shape.
  • The brow hairs are then combed and shaped into the desired direction. Once combed, the keratin formula is lathered on the brow and set with cling wrap. The cling wrap setting time varies from brow to brow as everyone has a different brow texture.
  • Next, the neutralising cream is applied over the brow and left for a few minutes to set the style.
  • This is then usually followed by a tint and shaping (using either wax or thread) to achieve the desired colour and shape.

​Directly after the treatment the brows will look very sleek and have a wet look about them, similar to freshly micro-bladed brows. This wet look lasts for 24 hours and once washed they’ll return to fluffy again, or if you like the wet look, you can easily recreate it by applying a brow gel or serum. After the appointment, and even once washed, they’ll stay in this position for up to 8 weeks. And whether you choose to wear them wet or dry the final result is thick, natural fluffy brows.

While eyebrow lamination works on all types of eyebrow hair and especially beneficial to those:

  • who cannot tame their curly, unruly brows
  • have hairs that grow in random directions
  • have gaps in between brow hairs
For the first 24 hours after your appointment you’ll need to avoid getting them wet, meaning no hot steamy showers, saunas or exercise. After this you can wet and cleanse your face with any of your favourite products and it won’t disrupt the shape of the brow.

Please arrive with no brow makeup. For an even better result and for darker natural looking brows, add a brow tint to your appointment.

Yes it is! The treatment is applied by trained beauty technicians and products used are of top quality safe and gentle for topical use.

Yes you can use any type of brow make up or gels after 24 hours of your Brow Lamination treatment.

We require a 30% booking deposit for all clients prior to their lash treatment and is redeemable on the day of your service. If you need to cancel or reschedule you must do so by informing us with at least 72 hours notice of your appointment or the booking deposit will be forfeited.

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