FAQ on Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions have become hugely popular in recent years. From celebrities and stars to the women at your work, and ones you see on the street, ladies everywhere are obtaining beautifully full and long lashes with lash extensions.

Their biggest benefit, however, is the way they look. There’s no denying that eyelash extensions are a great way to look beautiful, younger and refreshed without going under the knife or getting risky invasive cosmetic procedures done. You get to have the lashes of your dreams without having to apply them every morning and remove them every night (as by doing so it ages your skin). Just roll out of bed looking amazing. They’ll also save you time on your makeup routine as you won’t need to curl your lashes, apply mascara or wear strip lashes.

Eyelash extensions come in different types and styles, making the beauty experience completely customisable.

They’re absolutely worth the investment and provide great results with longer lasting effect.

The advantages of wearing lash extensions compared to mascara or strip lashes are:

  • – perfect solution to camouflage hooded eyelid syndrome, monolids, downturned, uneven and tired eyes
  • – you look younger and refreshed by diminishing the look of fine lines, wrinkles
  • – wake up looking beautiful
  • – it’s semi-permanent and long lasting
  • – no smudging when you sweat or when it rains
  • – jobs that does not allow make up
  • – going on a tropical holiday, gym, camping or work whereby sweat and facial oil will ruin your mascara or strip
  • – people on the go and time poor
  • – no need to remove eye make up which may irritate skin
  • – those who are allergic to wearing make up

When you arrive you’ll be asked to complete our Client Consultation form and discuss what you’re wishing to achieve with your lashes. We can customise lash styles to suit your needs and your frame- anywhere from a subtle natural look to everyday glam, but don’t worry if you’re unsure, we can help you decide on what’s best suited to you. We will also recommend a suitable length and volume of extensions to preserve the health, safety and longevity of your natural lashes and extensions.

Whilst lying on a relaxing bed with your eyes closed, we’ll start off by cleansing the eye area with a gentle oil-free cleanser and water. Your lashes will be primed from base to tip with a Primer to make sure the area is ready for the application and all excess and makeup is removed. Proper prep process is key to retaining your extensions on for longer. We’ll then put on hydrating under eye gel patches to secure your lower lashes. The area is now ready for application and your lash nap begins! Each suitable lash is carefully selected and an extension is applied one by one to each natural lash until the desired fullness and style is achieved. You’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated with beautiful fuller and longer lashes and hydrated under eyes.

Your new lashes will be lightweight, flexible and waterproof. With regular refills, they can last indefinitely. We recommend refills every 2-3 weeks to maintain the fullness of them.

It’s important to avoid products containing oils and use only water soluble makeup and makeup removers. Excess oils near the extensions will cause the glue to de-bond and premature shedding of the Extensions can occur.

​No worries as you are in good hands at Posh Lashes. We only use top quality products that are gentle and safe on lashes, eyes and skin. Please advise us of all concerns prior to the session and we will ensure the products we use will be suitable for you.

Yes, completely safe when applied by a properly certified and experienced lash technician.

We care about your eyelash health and will ask detailed questions upon your initial consult in order for us to identify whether you are a suitable candidate for eyelash extensions. We will not leave you with damaging or uncomfortable feeling lashes.

Safety and sanitary practices comes first at Posh Lashes. All our tools are sterilised prior to every treatment to ensure cleanliness and decontamination between eyes. ​We use high quality adhesive that are safe enough for sensitive eyes and our glue never comes into contact with your skin. The treatment is pain-free and will not harm your eyelids or natural lashes.

Your appointment will never be rushed and we allow the right amount of time for each customer to receive a rejuvenating experience.

​In the event you do suffer an allergic reaction we offer FREE REMOVAL within 48 hours.
Allergies are extremely RARE but please note that if you have had an allergic reaction (not a reaction from a bad application!) then you are an unsuitable candidate for extensions – no matter who applies them.

Please arrive with no eye makeup and definitely no mascara.
If you wear contact lenses you may wish to remove them. If you wear contact lenses it is best to remove them prior to your treatment. Once your treatment is completed your contact lenses can be immediately put back in.
Try to attend the appointment without mascara on. This is particularly important in regard to waterproof mascara.
For an even better result and for dark natural looking lashes, add an eyelash tint to your appointment.

Your initial consultation for classic eyelash extensions require approximately 10 mins as you will also need time to complete a Client Consultation Form to ensure your eligibility and for your stylist to design a look for you. The application time, which includes lash prepping, can take anywhere from 40 minutes to 2.5 hours. It depends on the the type of lash set you’ve chosen and the amount of extensions applied – the more extensions, the longer the procedure.

Infills take 45 minutes to an hour – again, depending on the amount needing to be applied and the length between treatments.

They last as long as your natural eyelash and your lash extensions can last indefinitely with refills every 2-4 weeks. Lashes go through an average 6-8 week cycle. Remember that at the time the extensions are applied, your natural lashes are each at a different stage of their life cycle, everybody has a different growth rate than others and your refill appointments should be booked according to your lash growth cycle. With proper aftercare, clients can expect to come in around 3 weeks for refills to keep them looking full.

No, eyelash extensions should not damage your lashes if they are applied properly and with proper aftercare. Every care is taken to ensure that the extension is well isolated and is only applied to one single natural eyelash. Your natural lash is able to grow out and shed as per its normal growth cycle.
The length and thickness of your natural lash will be assessed to determine what’s best suited to your lashes. Extensions that are too long and too heavy can potentially damage your lashes in the long run. That is why at Posh Lashes, we always use lashes that are light weight and use minimal adhesive so to preserve your lashes. They are so comfortable to wear…it just feels like your natural lashes!

Classic extension is where one extension is applied to one natural lash 1:1.

A Blended, Hybrid or some call it Mixed lash extensions are a combination of both Classic and advanced Russian Volume Lash techniques. In a Hybrid set, a blend of 1 lash extension and 2D and more handmade lash extensions will be applied on each natural lash. This is perfect for those who loves the classic natural look but want a little more volume.

Russian Volume is where a fan of handmade lashes of up to 9D are applied to each natural lash to give a voluminous look. However, Volume extensions can also be styled to look fluffy yet natural for every day wear. We use fine, lightweight and soft mink lash extensions for Volume to preserve the health of your natural lashes.

Depending on the type of set you’d like to have, and it varies between people but it ranges from 40-400+ lashes per eye.

We have a variety of different eyelash extension lengths, thicknesses and curvatures available. Looking at your natural eyelashes, you will notice that the lashes towards the centre of your eyes are shorter and finer. We replicate this with a variety of lashes to help create the perfect natural look or a more glamourous look if desired.

We use Premium Silk Lashes and Faux Mink Lashes.

Silk – Our Premium silk lashes are soft on the eyes and looks as natural as your own real lashes even more than the Synthetic fiber
Faux Mink – It’s our favourite as it has long tapered tips, are light, silky to touch, not directly from an animal, flexible, repels water, reduces twisting and tangles. Great finishing and they look absolutely natural.

It is recommended that you do not use mascara on your extensions as it can affect the life of your extension. Afterall, you just got extensions! You really shouldn’t need to wear any mascara.

Yes you can. So long as you are not using waterproof and oil-based products (as you will need an oil-based remover), you may wear make-up. You will need to take care when removing your make-up.

Using a product specifically formulated for eyelash extensions and a cleansing brush, gently sweep through between the lashes. Carefully rinse them with water, and gently pat them dry. Lightly brush them into place. Don’t worry, you will be shown how to care for your lashes after your appointment.

2-3 days before your appointment, avoid products like mascara, oils and creams to come in contact with your lashes. This can create a barrier for the adhesive to cure properly to the lash. Straight after your appointment avoid any exposure to steam, sweat and water for the first 7 hours (preferably 24 hrs). Use an oil-free foaming cleanser, to clean your lashes every other day, and brush them daily. If you’re wearing eyeliner, we recommend using a felt tip eyeliner for more precision in avoiding the extensions.

Top up your lashes to keep the desired effect so you can maintain full, luscious lashes all year round! As your eyelashes eventually complete their life cycle and fall out, the lash extension will fall out with it. If you would like to maintain your extensions, refills are recommended every 2-4 weeks, depending on how well you care for them, the speed of your natural lash cycle and, of course, how may you have put in to start with. If they are for holiday, a wedding or other special occasion, you can either wait for them to fall out, or have them removed, otherwise they will stay looking amazing day after day!

Every lash refill appointment involves your lash technician carefully looking at each individual lash to make sure the extensions are sitting neatly and are well bonded. Otherwise they are removed. We then refill the lash extensions so that you achieve the set of lashes you want again.

For existing clients, please note after a period of 5 weeks, it is likely that some lash extensions will need to be removed as they would have grown out too much. Therefore, we will book you in for the right amount of time based on how full you want your lashes to look or a new set may be required.

We welcome new clients who come from other salons. However, please note that depending on the standard of your lashes, we will charge based on time required to refill your lashes. I will consult with you when you come in for an appointment.

If you had your lashes done at another salon and are coming to us for a refill, it is best to call us to discuss your options. We do not do infills from other Salons. We recommend to that you book in for a lash removal and have a new set done so that we can guarantee our workmanship. There will be a lash removal fee incurred.

If for some reason you need your Posh Lashes eyelash extensions removed, visit us and we can safely do this for you with our lash debonder. Don’t risk damaging your lashes doing it yourself!

Be gentle to your lashes – avoid excessively rubbing your eyes and try not to pull at your extensions.
Use a coating sealant recommended for longer lasting results.
Do not get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours.
Avoid steam from showers or saunas for the first 24 hours.
Do not put your face directly under the pressure of the shower stream.
Never wear waterproof or oil-based mascara.
Liquid base eyeliner can be used with care avoid touching the extensions base
Only use oil-free, gentle eye make-up remover.
Do not apply oily/lanolin-based moisturiser to your eyelashes.
Lashes should be maintained with daily lash combs to allow its shape to be in tacked
Do not perm or tint lashes while you have Eyelash Extensions.
Cleansing of the eyelash extensions should be done to allow for clean fresh lashes daily with lash cleansing foam
Schedule a maintenance touch-up/refill every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking beautiful.
Test patch is advised 24 hours prior to treatment, if you have never done this before as will reduce risk of allergies developing

If you are lucky enough to have been gifted with gorgeous, long, natural lashes there are alternatives you might consider, such as a Keratin Lash Lift where we add an eye-catching curl to your existing lashes. If you’re looking to create a bit of drama for a special occasion, reusable Strip Lashes are your ideal choice for show-stopping looks.

FAQ on Keratin Lash Lift

Your lashes will be cleansed with a gentle oil-free cleanser and water. Hydrating gel patches will be placed under your eye and a silicon rod will be placed on each of your upper eyelid to lift and mould your lashes in place…And your lash nap begins.

Our Keratin Lash Lift treatment consists of four stages:

  1. Lifting solution
  2. Setting solution
  3. Tint (optional)
  4. Lash Nourish

Eye catching curled lashes.
Creates more ‘open’ looking eyes.
Prepares lashes for Eyelash Extensions (only suitable for short straight lashes)
Saves time and effort in your makeup routine.
A great alternative if you have allergies to mascara or Eyelash Extensions.
Enhances your lashes naturally and requires very little maintenance.

It is easy, relaxing and pain-free. Unlike the usual eyelash perm that can make your lashes weak and fizzle with the hassle of messy rods, Lash Lifting uses a flexible silicone mould working from the lash root to create full volume lashes. A lifting and setting solution is applied to the mid section of the top lash line and left to develop visibly lifted lashes. The treatment will finish with an Eyelash Tint on the upper and lower lashes to enhance the final result.

Don’t wear eye makeup to your appointment.
Remove contact lenses.
Tell us if you have any eye infections or irritation because we will need to wait until after the problem has cleared to perform the treatment.

The Keratin Lash Lift takes just under an hour and you can look forward to being comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment.

If you have chosen to do a lash tint, both upper and lower lashes will be tinted.

Results can last for 6-8 weeks. Your results depend on your individual hair growth cycles and your beauty routine at home. Make an appointment and pop in for a treatment every 6-8 weeks to maintain your Lash Lift.

Keep your lashes dry and free of makeup for 24 hours after the treatment.
Use the recommended aftercare and do not use oil-based products on your lashes.
Use a mineral mascara with natural fibres for a beautiful finish.
Do not use waterproof mascara.
Do not irritate or rub your eyes while you have a Lash Lift.

FAQ on Brow Lamination

It’s the latest and most exciting treatment to hit the beauty industry, providing a painless solution for eyebrows that don’t have symmetry or where the hairs follow a different pattern. A brow lamination involves straightening the brow hairs using a special formulated type of keratin solution made for brows to create a thicker, brushed and feathery effect.

They’re absolutely worth the investment and provide great results with longer lasting effect.

The treatment works in two parts:
1) A ‘brow lift cream’ (the keratin) is applied first, to soften the hair, allowing your technician to “manipulate them into the new direction of hair growth.”
2) This is then followed with a ‘nourishing neutralising cream’ to “reconstitute the hair structure” and set your newly moulded brows in place.
The entire treatment takes less than an hour and is completed in a single appointment.
  • To start the treatment, clients lay in a comfortable lash bed, with their eyes closed. We then prepare the brows by cleansing them properly so we can accurately assess the natural brow and discuss with the client what shape and look they want to achieve.
  • It is recommended to grow out your brows for at least three weeks before your appointment in order for the technician to achieve the best possible shape.
  • The brow hairs are then combed and shaped into the desired direction. Once combed, the keratin formula is lathered on the brow and set with cling wrap. The cling wrap setting time varies from brow to brow as everyone has a different brow texture.
  • Next, the neutralising cream is applied over the brow and left for a few minutes to set the style.
  • This is then usually followed by a tint and shaping (using either wax or thread) to achieve the desired colour and shape.

​Directly after the treatment the brows will look very sleek and have a wet look about them, similar to freshly micro-bladed brows. This wet look lasts for 24 hours and once washed they’ll return to fluffy again, or if you like the wet look, you can easily recreate it by applying a brow gel or serum. After the appointment, and even once washed, they’ll stay in this position for up to 8 weeks. And whether you choose to wear them wet or dry the final result is thick, natural fluffy brows.

While eyebrow lamination works on all types of eyebrow hair and especially beneficial to those:

  • who cannot tame their curly, unruly brows
  • have hairs that grow in random directions
  • have gaps in between brow hairs
For the first 24 hours after your appointment you’ll need to avoid getting them wet, meaning no hot steamy showers, saunas or exercise. After this you can wet and cleanse your face with any of your favourite products and it won’t disrupt the shape of the brow.

Please arrive with no brow makeup. For an even better result and for darker natural looking brows, add a brow tint to your appointment.

Yes it is! The treatment is applied by trained beauty technicians and products used are of top quality safe and gentle for topical use.

Yes you can use any type of brow make up or gels after 24 hours of your Brow Lamination treatment.

A 30% deposit is required for all bookings prior to their lash treatment. It is redeemable on the day of your service. Contact us to cancel or reschedule by giving us at least 48 hours notice or your deposit will be forfeited.

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